PlayStation Adds Free Black Lives Matter Theme

Sony has released a free theme for the PlayStation 4, featuring the words 'Black Lives Matter' at [...]

Sony has released a free theme for the PlayStation 4, featuring the words "Black Lives Matter" at the bottom of the screen, with a raised fist in the air. The theme is black and yellow, and the system's icons get a similar coloration when the theme is used. The theme comes months after several video game companies announced their support for Black Lives Matter, including The Pokemon Company, which pledged $100,000 to the group. At this time, it's unclear whether or not the theme will be a limited time offer, or if it will be a permanent option for PS4 owners. An image of the theme can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

The majority of themes available for PS4 focus on gaming, but PlayStation has offered a number of additional options over the years. Some of these have also focused on messages of inclusion, such as the annual Pride Month themes that the company has made available in June each year. Those options notably included the phrase "For All the Players." The Black Lives Matter theme similarly promotes the idea that gaming is a hobby for everyone. The theme is a minor touch in the grand scheme of things, but it sends a strong message to the player community about where PlayStation stands on the issue.

While themes have been a big deal throughout the PS4's lifespan, few details have been revealed on how they might work on the system's successor. Fans recently got a glimpse at the PlayStation 5's user interface, but there have been no concrete details about whether or not PS4 themes will work on the new system, or if themes will be a thing at all. With the PS5 set to release in just a few short weeks, fans should know soon enough, but for now, it's simply one of the remaining mysteries still surrounding the system!

Those interested in downloading the Black Lives Matter theme can find it on the PlayStation Store right here.

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