New Guerrilla Games Job Listing Asks For Applicants With Online Game Experience

horizon zero dawn
(Photo: Guerrilla Games)

While Sony first-party studio Guerrilla Games delivered one of the best single-player games this generation, it doesn't mean it's locked down to only delivering similar games going forward.

Coming off the massive success of Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Netherlands-based team recently doubled in size and moved into a new building in an aim to not only expand, but to release more games.

That said, while it's safe to assume a considerable chunk of the team is already hard at work on creating a sequel for the aforementioned open-world role-playing game, it surely has some other projects brewing.

Adding weight behind this theory is the fact that the developer recently brought on ex-Ubisoft employee, Simon Larouche, as a Game Director. Larouche was formerly an Online Gameplay Director who worked on Ubisoft's hit mutliplayer shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. At the time, this seem to suggest that the studio was working on, or looking to create, some type of multiplayer game.

That said, a new job listing for the developer is currently live on its website for the position of UI Designer, and with the requirement of experience in “shipping network enabled code, online games.”

Now, is this job listing combined with Larouche's appointment enough proof to definitively say the developer is working on a multiplayer game? No. But it does seem to suggest that's exactly what it's doing.

Whether this is for a new Killzone game, Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 (assuming that's what it will be called), or an entirely new game, isn't clear.

The only thing that is clear is that Guerrilla Games brought on an expert in shipping online games in Larouche, and it seems to be only adding to that expertise.

Guerrilla Games' most recent release, Horizon: Zero Dawn, is currently available on PlayStation 4. If you haven't already peeped it, I highly recommend you do so. It's easily one of the console's best exclusives.


As always hit that comments section, and let us your thoughts and hot-takes. What do you want to see next from Guerrilla Games? And do you think it's working on a multiplayer game?

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