PlayStation Patent May Hint at Huge PlayStation Store Upgrade

A new patent associated with PlayStation might be teasing that a huge upgrade for the PlayStation [...]

A new patent associated with PlayStation might be teasing that a huge upgrade for the PlayStation Store could be on its way. While patents alone aren't always indicative that actual changes are set to come about in the future, this latest one from Sony definitely makes sense to see come to fruition given that it involves an often-criticized aspect of the digital marketplace.

As a whole, what this new patent from Sony looks to do is alter how games are presented on the PlayStation Store. Rather than having every game page look quite similar on the storefront, this patent would allow titles to be presented in a manner that "is specific to the phase of a lifecycle of the video game." In addition, each page would also be "customized based on a context of the user in the video game."

So what does this mean, exactly? Well, in its simplest form, the PlayStation Store would just begin detailing each game that it has on the storefront better than ever before. Rather than simply just giving a brief description of the game in question in addition to showing off any potential supporting DLC that might be available, more info would be offered up than ever before.

This seems to especially be beneficial for live service games on the PlayStation Store, in particular. As mentioned, the aim of this patent is to incorporate larger features and updates that may have come to a given title in recent history. So if you visited the game page for Fortnite on the PlayStation Store not long after the start of a new Season, for instance, it stands to reason that the details related to that Season would be incorporated into the product description.

As a whole, this seems like a really promising move for the PlayStation Store and would definitely help users to be able to determine more adequately whether or not they'd like to buy a certain title. Again, while it remains uncertain if these features will ever actually come to the PS Store, it's something to keep an eye on as we move forward.

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