PlayStation Plus Free Games for February Revealed

We're coming up on the end of the month and this means a new month for free gaming glory. For [...]

We're coming up on the end of the month and this means a new month for free gaming glory. For PlayStation Plus members, every month new titles become available for players to enjoy for free. They're yours to keep as long as the paid membership remains active.

Just like every month, there are a few different options for players to enjoy, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita titles. The two biggest titles for PlayStation 4 players are Hitman: the Complete First Season and For Honor, both offer two very completely different experiences.

We can't recommend Hitman enough, especially with the sequel now available. Take on the role of Agent 47 and be the badass you were always meant to be! Or, if you want to flip the experience entirely, go the PvP route with Ubisoft's For Honor -- you even have the option to be a Samurai, come on!

As for the full line up:

The PlayStation 4 games will be available until March 5th, while the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles will be on until the 8th. The new free titles aren't available quite yet, but will be when the January rotation heads out. Then, PlayStation Plus members will be able to download those free games and get started on a new adventure!

What do you think about the latest line-up? Worth it, or is Sony slacking? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!

Don't forget to also check out the Xbox Games With Gold line-up for next month, those were revealed earlier yesterday.

Staff recommendation: If you have a Vita still, Rogue Aces was super fun. It's also available on the Nintendo Switch now, which is pretty awesome, but the colorful adventure allows players to liberate the islands alongside the Rogue Aces from the villainous Baron and his evil pilots. The more retro-style gameplay is wildly addictive and great to experience on the go!