PlayStation Plus Games for December 2020 Revealed

The free PlayStation Plus games planned for December 2020 have been revealed with three different [...]

The free PlayStation Plus games planned for December 2020 have been revealed with three different games scheduled to be available next month. Closing out the year will be Just Cause 4, Rocket Arena, and Worms Rumble to create a spread of games that should cater to different interests. Each of the games is set to be available on the PlayStation 4 as well as the PlayStation 5, so whether you've upgraded to the new consoles or still have you old one, you can get all of the games for free.

Just as Bugsnax was available for free during November as a PlayStation Plus game for those who own a PlayStation 5, the December lineup includes another game like that that's going to be free right when it releases. That game is Worms Rumble, the battle royale game which was previously announced for a December 1st release date. Unlike Bugsnax though, this game is available for free whether you have a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 5 so long as you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Between that and Rocket Arena, PlayStation Plus subscribers should have plenty of battle royale and arena shooter matches to keep themselves busy. If you want something more heavily focused on the story and an adventure, you can take a break from the shooters to hop into Just Cause 4.

A preview of each of the games can be found below to help you see which one you should start with.

Just Cause 4

"Rogue agent Rico Rodriguez journeys to Solis, a huge South American world home of conflict, oppression and extreme weather conditions," a preview of the game said. "Strap into your wingsuit, equip your fully customizable grappling hook, and get ready to bring the thunder!"

Worms Rumble

"Worms Rumble is Worms like you've never played it before, with intense, real-time, arena-based 32 player cross-platform combat," a preview of the game said. "Get ready for Deathmatch and Last Worm Standing modes where you're only ever a Holy Hand Grenade away from death!"

Rocket Arena

"Rockets rule everything in Rocket Arena, an explosive 3v3 shooter where you're never out of the action," a preview of the game said. "Master your hero's unique rockets and abilities to rule the arena and become a champion! Adapt your strategy with an ever-growing roster of diverse heroes with distinctive powers. Unearth new strategies and tactics based on your squad, explore a wide variety of dynamic maps, and discover the true depth of rocket gameplay. Ready to be blown away?"

December's PlayStation Plus games will be available starting on December 1st.