PlayStation Stars Launches with Full Games, PS Store Credit as Rewards

After announcing recently the full details of PlayStation Stars, Sony officially rolled out the rewards program this week in North America and South America. Through this program, PlayStation users can get rewarded for things that they were probably going to do anyway such as playing or purchasing different games. Some of the rewards are less incentivizing and include things like digital collectibles (that aren't NFTs, Sony has specified) while other options include full games or credit on the PlayStation Store to fund your next purchases.

If you've already got a PlayStation account and are ready to get started, you can check out what PlayStation Stars is all about here. You'll be prompted to sign in, and while you can view your basic stats like your PlayStation Stars loyalty level as well as your acquired points through the website, Sony really wants you to get the PlayStation App to make the most of PlayStation Stars.

And after downloading it to check it out, that's probably the best idea. A dedicated page for PlayStation Stars within the app includes those same basic stats as well as three separate tabs for campaigns, rewards, and collectibles. The campaigns tab shows what different challenges of sorts are running at any given time and what rewards they give out. Some of them like the "October Check-in" asks people to just play any PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 game. Doing so will net you a "PlayStation Tech Demo Tyrannosaurus Rex," a digital collectible meant to be a callback to a tech demo from the original PlayStation. Other more demanding campaigns ask players to purchase games in exchange for 50 PlayStation Stars points.

Those points can be redeemed in the rewards section of the app for things like digital collectibles that cost around 200 points for the "Rare" category. You can also buy full games that way. Cult of the Lamb costs 6,250 points while other games like The Quarry cost 17,500 points. Whenever you purchase something that way, you can then view your acquisitions through the collectibles tab.


Nintendo's got its own Platinum points system, and Xbox already had Quests for users to take on, so this looks to be Sony's answer to those kinds of programs. For those who are interested in seeing where it goes, it makes sense to go ahead and enroll in the program to start earning things while you're already playing.