PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program Detailed

The new PlayStation Stars loyalty program is set to debut in North America next week, and a new PlayStation blog post has revealed information about what users can expect. Launching on October 5th, PlayStation Stars will allow users to earn both loyalty points and digital collectibles. Loyalty points are likely to be the biggest draw, as users will be able to redeem them for "PSN wallet funds, exclusive digital collectibles and select PlayStation Store products." The program will be free to join, and while PlayStation Plus is not a requirement, there will be extra benefits for subscribers, including points for purchases made on the PlayStation Store and on subscription renewals.

While the term "digital collectibles" is often associated with NFTs, PlayStation was quick to point out that these collectibles "are not one-of-a-kind nor does it leverage blockchain technology." Users cannot trade or sell them. Basically, they're just neat little extras that celebrate the history of the PlayStation brand. There will be many different ways for users to obtain different trophies, and some of them will require more work than others. Users can place their collectibles in a digital display case, which can then be set to private or showcased online. All users will start with a Star Gazer Telescope. PlayStation will regularly add more collectibles to unlock, but the earliest batch will include designs based on the PocketStation, Ape Escape 2, and more.

The PlayStation Stars program will have four different status levels. As users unlock less common trophies and make "full game purchases from the PlayStation Store," their level will increase, resulting in additional benefits. When the program rolls out, it will take place entirely within the PlayStation app, though the company does plan to expand it to consoles in the future.

It remains to be seen how the program will be executed, but PlayStation Stars sounds promising so far! It's always nice to get rewards and extras, and the challenges and trophies sound like a fun way for newcomers to learn more about PlayStation's history.

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