Brock and Misty Are Getting New Pokemon TCG Decks

Brock and Misty are getting special Pokemon Trading Card Game decks, complete with new GX cards and special trainer cards.

Earlier this week, the Pokemon Company announced two new Pokemon Trading Card Game decks designed around Brock and Misty, the gym leaders of Pewter City and Cerulean City. These special "Trainer Battle Decks" will be released in Japan and feature special Stadium cards and Trainer cards, along with Pokemon cards based on the Pokemon used by the two famous gym leaders.

Misty's deck is based around Starmie-GX, a new GX-card that serves as both an attacker and a way to distribute energy cards to other Pokemon. Not only can Starmie-GX's Star Stream attack move 2 Water Energy from the Discard pile to any of that player's Pokemon, the deck also comes with "Misty's Water Manipulation," a Supporter card that allows players to re-distribute Water Energy between Pokemon however a player likes.

Brock's deck appears to be built around strong defense and is anchored by Onix-GX, one of the few GX-cards that doesn't feature a fully evolved Pokemon. Onix-GX does a lot of damage with its attacks and its Rock Avalanche GX card also protects Onix from 100 damage on its next turn.

Both decks also have Stadium cards that protect their respective GX Pokemon cards.


Fans know Brock and Misty as Ash's first traveling companions and the first gym leaders players battled in the original Pokemon games. The pair are also enjoying a resurgence of popularity thanks to the new Pokemon: Let's Go games, which are set in the Kanto region.

The decks will come out in Japan in January packaged with special card sleeves, battle mats, and cards. No US release dates have been announced yet.