Pokemon Trading Card Game Reveals More 25th Anniversary Set Details

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has revealed more details about its special 25th Anniversary set. [...]

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has revealed more details about its special 25th Anniversary set. PokeBeach, a well-known Pokemon fan site, has discovered more details on the upcoming 25th Anniversary Pokemon Trading Card Game set, which will be released later this year. Per a Japanese retailer sell sheet provided to PokeBeach, the set will contain 28 cards (not including Secret Rare cards) featuring "iconic" Pokemon from every generation of games. Notably, all the Pokemon cards in the set be holo cards and will use "conceptual artwork" that uses the atmosphere or aesthetic of each generations of game. Additionally, the Pokemon Trading Card Game will also provide a 1-card booster card pack containing "cards from the past" to be given out when a fan buys four or more 25th Anniversary packs.

We previously learned that the 25th Anniversary set would have "mini-booster packs" and PokeBeach's report provides further confirmation that the set will be smaller than usual. However, although reprints of classic cards will be provided as additional promotional items via the 1-card booster packs, this set appears to contain brand new cards and all of them are holofoil.

While not officially announced for release outside of Japan, the 25th Anniversary Set will be released through special products such as tins and boxes. The 25th Anniversary Set mini-booster packs will not be sold individually like normal Pokemon card set expansions. Expect to hear an announcement about the upcoming set's international release sometime soon.

For those looking to dive into the Pokemon Trading Card Game, be sure to check out the brand new "Chilling Reign" expansion, which launches this Friday. The new card set focuses on the Galar region's Crown Tundra and includes first Pokemon TCG appearances of Pokemon like Calyrex and the Galarian variants of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. In August, the Pokemon Trading Card Game will release its next expansion "Evolving Skies," which brings back Dragon-type Pokemon cards and includes Pokemon V cards of all the Eevee evolutions. The Pokemon Trading Card Game will also release a new kind of card - V-UNION cards - that require 4 cards to form one Pokemon.