Pokemon Card 1st Edition Set Sells at Auction For Staggering Amount

A full 1st Edition set of the original Pokemon cards from 1999 have been recently sold for the [...]

A full 1st Edition set of the original Pokemon cards from 1999 have been recently sold for the astonishing price of $666,000. This collection is one of the highest-selling in the history of collectible card trading and serves as a new benchmark for the ever-rising sales that have been happening in the Pokemon space over the past year.

The sale itself transpired through Goldin Auctions and contained not only every 1st Edition card in the original set, but they were all graded at the "Gem Mint" condition. If you have no idea what this means, it's essentially the highest-grading level possible when it comes to Pokemon cards with the "Mint" designation falling right beneath it. While the differences between the two grading tiers aren't vast on paper, the Gem Mint rating can end up commanding thousands of dollars more in a potential sale.

Likely the crown jewel of the collection came in the form of a unique 1st edition Charizard card. In the past, this card on its own has sold for hundreds of thousands. For it to be bundled in with this larger collection only made the entire set that much more valuable.

Pokemon cards as a whole have been drastically rising in price over the past year or so. Some of this has been due in part to just a general resurgence of interest from longtime fans who are looking to acquire some of the cards they had as kids. However, those with money to blow, namely content creators, have been really going crazy in recent months and have shed an even bigger light on the scene. Within the past week alone, YouTuber Logan Paul revealed that he had spent a whopping $2 million on Pokemon cards, which sure is something.

It remains to be seen if this Pokemon card bubble will end up popping or if prices will only continue to soar. At this current rate, though, it doesn't look like these original 1st Edition cards will be losing their value any time soon.

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