The Pokemon Company Had Record-Breaking Sales in 2020

The Pokemon Company released its annual sales figures for the first time ever, revealing its sales [...]

The Pokemon Company released its annual sales figures for the first time ever, revealing its sales and profit levels during a record-breaking 2020. Kanpo, the official gazette of the Japanese government, posted The Pokemon Company's sales figures and profits earlier today for the first time, revealing that the company had over $1.1 billion in sales in 2020. While The Pokemon Company has disclosed its net profits for the gazette in years past, this is the first time that we have actual sales figures for The Pokemon Company ever. Additionally, The Pokemon Company reported $254 million in operating profits and $170 million in net profits, the latter of which is the highest ever reported by The Pokemon Company. Compared to last year's net profits, The Pokemon Company saw a 21.2% increase in net profit year over year.

The Pokemon Company is a private company co-owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, Inc. and is responsible for the stewardship of the Pokemon franchise. While Game Freak handles the development of the main line video games and Creatures produces the Pokemon Trading Card Game, it is ultimately The Pokemon Company that technically handles the actual publishing of the games. The Pokemon Company also manages the line of Pokemon Center stores in Japan and handles the licensing of merchandise to third party companies. The Pokemon Company also has partial ownership in companies like Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, and various other companies responsible for other Pokemon-related products.

As a note, the $1.1 billion in sales is only revenue directly generated by The Pokemon Company and doesn't include the sales of licensed products like toys or clothing. Various business publications have released estimates of the Pokemon franchise's sales that includes those licensed products in their figures, so keep that in mind when looking up past "sales figures" for the Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon Company and the Pokemon franchise are technically different things, and the sales figures released today only reflect the direct sales and profit experienced by the business entity as opposed to the wider franchise.

You can view the full listing on Kanpo's website.