Pokemon Fan Creates Variant Squirtles for All 18 Types

As the original Water-type Pokemon starter, Squirtle has been one of the most iconic characters [...]

As the original Water-type Pokemon starter, Squirtle has been one of the most iconic characters from the Pokemon franchise since 1996. However, one Pokemon fan has now reimagined what Squirtle might have looked like if it had been any other type of Pokemon -- in fact, they have reworked the pocket monster as every other possible Pokemon type! All total, there are 18 different Pokemon types, and Reddit user lanazamo shared how these variations on the tiny turtle might have looked differently. Amazingly enough, Squirtle's pose remains the same for every variant, but there are enough hints to clearly indicate which Pokemon type is which!

Images of the various Squirtle types can be found in the Reddit post embedded below:

I drew Squirtle in every type! [OC] from r/pokemon

It truly is impressive seeing the creativity on display as part of this fan concept. The artist did a wonderful job changing Squirtle's type, while still maintaining the design elements that fans have come to know and love over the years. As a result, it wouldn't be hard to imagine any of these variants showing up in an actual Pokemon game.

While these images are simply a fan concept, it's possible that Game Freak could explore a different version of Squirtle in the future. Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced the concept of regional variants to the franchise, adding in alternate takes on popular Pokemon like Vulpix and Raichu. These versions of the Pokemon tend to have different types than their original counterparts. That concept continued in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so it seems that the idea of regional variants might be here to stay. Perhaps the next Pokemon game will give fans of the series an official variant of Squirtle, similar to these forms!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green's release in Japan. As such, fans can expect to see a lot of new Pokemon merchandise in 2021, including new games in the series. It remains to be seen whether or not a new mainline Pokemon game will be part of the celebration, but if that does prove to be the case, it stands to reason that Squirtle will appear once again!

More of the artist's work can be found on their Instagram page, which can be found right here.

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