This Pokemon Gengar Plush Features a Massive Tongue You Can Sleep On

Outside of Lickitung, it's safe to say that Gengar is the Pokemon most closely associated with the move Lick, and that fact is represented in an all-new Sleeping Companion, coming from Premium Bandai! The sleeping companion looks like one of the many Pokemon plushes that are currently available, but with one stark difference: a giant tongue that can roll out of his mouth! The tongue is about five-and-a-half feet long, so some fans can actually sleep on it, with their head placed inside Gengar's gaping maw! As far as Pokemon merchandise goes, this one is unique, to say the very least!

Images of the Sleeping Companion can be found below.

Pokemon Gengar plush
(Photo: Premium Bandai)

Pre-orders for the Gengar Sleeping Companion are available on the Japanese version of Premium Bandai, but they do not seem to be up at the American version of the site, as of this writing. As such, it's impossible to say exactly how much the item will end up costing fans in the region but the plush is retailing for 25,950円 on the Japanese site, which translates to about $250. That number will likely price out a lot of the Pokemon fans that might be interested in a giant Gengar tongue bed, but when else will you have the opportunity to buy a giant Gengar tongue bed? This just might be a once in a franchise opportunity for Gengar fans!

Since the release of Pokemon Red and Green in 1996, Gengar has easily been one of the most popular Pokemon. As one of the few Ghost-type Pokemon in the game, Gengar (alongside Gastly and Haunter), quickly endeared itself to fans of the franchise. In the 25 years since the game's release, the character has received a slew of merchandise from The Pokemon Company, including model kits, t-shirts, cards, figures, and more. In that time frame, however, the character has never had anything nearly as cool as this Sleeping Companion. It's immediately one of the most interesting pieces of Pokemon merchandise ever, and it's one that diehard fans will have a hard time turning down!


Those interested in checking out the Gengar Sleeping Companion for themselves can find the Japanese pre-order page right here.

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