These 'Kirby' Terrariums Are As Cute As They Are Affordable

Kirby is a longstanding name in the Nintendo lineup that has a pretty dedicated following but one company has turned that series icon into an adorable terrarium tribute to the beloved Kirby. The best part? They are for sale just in time for the holiday season!

There are two different shape options, the spherical version seen above, or the cylinder version below. Both offer the adorable-as-ever Kirby in different cozy environments. Don't want to pick just one? There's also a 6 pack that includes them all! You can even get them as early as November 1st for those with Amazon Prime.

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Each Terrarium features unique landscapes using different mediums to create specific environments. The containers themselves are made with plastic and the company promises that each individual one is packaged with love and care to keep these adorable renditions in tip-top shape.

Though the casing runs about 3 inches high, the figures themselves are quite tiny. These are meant to be adorable and would also make great stocking stuffers as well due to their size!

As for the store itself, Re-Ment specializes in all things Japan from adorable bento boxes, to Pokemon-inspired gifts. There are even other terrariums inspired by the adorable pocket monsters from the Pokemon franchise, including this cute Pikachu collection right here!

For entire 6-pack, the cost runs just over 50 bucks. Individually, the terrariums run 17 dollars a piece and are delivered via Amazon to cut down that wait time. Interested in scooping up some for yourself? You can order yours right here through the seller's page.

In other Pokemon news outisdeoutsideoutisdeoutsideooutisdeoutsideoutisdeoutsideof the adorable Pikachu version, did you see that Pokemon Go will add the missing "Gen 3" favorite next month? According to our previous coverage, Shedinja will be the Research Breakthrough reward for the month of November. This will officially bring the Bug/Ghost-Type pocket monster into the mobile game. It was also one of those that players were upset to find missing to begin with.

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