Pokemon Go Players Are All About Bronzor This Week

This week, GO Battle League Season 5 kicked off in Pokemon Go, and players are in the midst of the Little Cup event. During the Little Cup, players are only able to enter Pokemon with a CP of 500 or less, and it has to be a Pokemon that can evolve, but hasn't evolved once. This Cup requires a bit of planning ahead, and it's led to one Pokemon becoming unexpectedly popular: Bronzor! The Gen IV Pokemon is all the rage at the moment, as it boasts a number of resistances and strengths that make it the ideal Pokemon for the Little Cup.

As a Psychic/Steel-type Pokemon, Bronzor has a number of type advantages that give users a strong edge. The Pokemon is only vulnerable to four Pokemon types: Fire, Dark, Ghost, and Ground. Meanwhile, its type combination also gives it a resistance to 10 other Pokemon types: Grass, Psychic, Normal, Ice, Flying, Rock, Dragon, Fairy, Poison, and Steel. Notably, Bronzor's type combination gives it a double resistance to both Poison and Psychic type attacks. In addition to its resistances, Bronzor boasts Fast and Charge moves that make it a difficult Pokemon to battle against.

The Cups in this Season of GO Battle League are forcing players to be creative about their Pokemon teams, and it's quite interesting to see how players are adapting, as a result. Bronzor has never been one of the most popular Pokemon, but now it's a hot pick, as a direct result of the Little Cup's rule set. It will be interesting to see if the Kanto Cup and Catch Cup produce similar results over the next few weeks!

Bronzor's sudden popularity shows just how quickly one creature can become an immediate fan favorite. Debuting in 2006's Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Bronzor has never been much of a fan favorite. It remains to be seen if the Pokemon's sudden popularity will die out once the Little Cup ends, but it's possible that players will grow an attachment to the creature that will extend beyond the current season of GO Battle League. At the very least, Bronzor's new popularity will make it very interesting to see which Pokemon become breakouts in the next two Cups!


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