Pokemon Go Tweaks Sticker and PokeCoin Distribution Based on Player Feedback

Pokemon Go is tweaking its proposed changes to PokeCoin distribution and making changes on the [...]

Pokemon Go is tweaking its proposed changes to PokeCoin distribution and making changes on the rate that players receive stickers based on player feedback. Last week, Pokemon Go noted that it was making several tweaks to a proposed system of distributing PokeCoins to players based around defending gyms and completing daily tasks. This system is currently live in Australia only, but it may eventually be rolled out to players around the world as a new way of collecting PokeCoins.

Pokemon Go players can now receive a total of 50 free PokeCoins per day (a decrease from 55), 30 of which can be obtained by defending gyms and 20 of which can be obtained by completing certain daily tasks. The rate that players earn PokeCoins from gyms has also be increased from 2 per hour to 6 per hour. This means that players can hypothetically earn their maximum amount of free coins by having 1 Pokemon in a gym for 5 hours instead of needing at least 2 Pokemon in a gym for 12 or more hours as with the original system.

Pokemon Go also announced that it was tweaking the rate that players can receive stickers from gifts. This new feature was rolled out last week, but it quickly met criticism for taking up space that could be used for other in-game items such PokeBalls. As a response to that feedback, Pokemon Go announced they were decreasing the sticker drop rate and searching for other ways to give players free stickers.

Pokemon Go has made numerous tweaks to its gameplay because of player feedback, and this is the latest sign that the game actively looks at what players say about the game. The game has also shifted its entire ethos as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing players with more options for playing the game without leaving their homes or immediate neighborhood.