Pokemon Go Announces February 2022 Community Day Plans

Pokemon Go will feature Hoppip and its evolutions as the featured Pokemon in next month's Community Day event. Niantic provided details about the upcoming February Community Day event, which will take place on February 12 from 11 AM to 5 PM local time. The event will feature the Grass/Flying-type Pokemon Hoppip as well as its evolved forms Skiploom and Jumpluff. Any Jumpluff evolved during the event will know the Flying-type move Jumpluff, which should help increase the Pokemon's viability in the Great League assuming it has a moderate power cost. More relevant to most fans is that the event will also introduce the Shiny versions of the Pokemon to Pokemon Go, providing players with an easy way to grab one of these usually rare Pokemon.

One of the intriguing parts about February's Community Day event is that it will offer players extra Hoppip Candy XL from Skiploom caught in parks. While Pokemon Go still uses biomes to some extent, this would be a very specific change as it offers players an extra bonus for catching a specific Pokemon within a specific type of space. The notes for the event states that Skiploom will spawn in parks alongside Hoppip during the event, so assumably Pokemon Go will be testing out more specific biomes during the event. 

Other bonuses in the event include the usual increased longevity of Incense and lures when activated during the event, a 3x Catch Stardust bonus, and free raid passes for spinning gym discs. 

The new Community Day event is one of two Pokemon Go events confirmed for February. The other event is the second annual Pokemon Go Tour event, which will focus on Pokemon found in the Johto region. Similar to last year's Pokemon Go Tour, all 100 Pokemon first seen in the Johto region will have their Shiny forms available in the game, some for the first time. The event will also feature guaranteed encounters with Celebi and a Shiny Gyarados, and the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh and Lugia will have their signature moves added to the game for the first time.