Pokemon Go Announces Next Community Day Date

Pokemon Go players are finally going to get a chance to evolve that Dragonite.Pokemon Go announced [...]

Pokemon Go players are finally going to get a chance to evolve that Dragonite.

Pokemon Go announced the next Community Day event, a mini-event that happens once per month. February's Community Day will take place on February 24th and will involve the Dragon-Type Pokemon Dratini.

Dratini's involvement is huge for the Pokemon Go community, as its evolved form Dragonite is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game. Even though Legendary Pokemon have snatched the title of "Strongest Attacker" away from Dragonite, it's still considered a top-tier attacker and has additional value for being such a bulky defender in the game.

While Pokemon Go revealed the date and time of the next Community Day, they didn't reveal what exclusive move Dratini would learn...or whether it would retain its special move after evolving. That special move could make all the difference as to how useful this new Dratini will be in battle.

The other big announcement was that the upcoming Community Day will have a 3x Stardust bonus, which will help players stockpile Stardust for powering up their Pokemon. When coupled with a Star Piece, players can get up to 4.5x the amount of Stardust than they usually do.

Pokemon Go's first Community Day was a big success, as thousands of players took advantage of the surprisingly warm weather around much of the United States to catch Pikachu that knew Surf. Many players headed out to take advantage of the increased spawn rate for Shiny Pikachu, a perk that Pokemon Go never actually announced.

The big caveat to Community Day is that it will only last for three hours. February's Community Day will take place between 2 PM and 5 PM Eastern Time...although other continents will have their own time periods. While the perks are big, the window to take advantage of them is pretty small.

Between the Dratini reveal and the triple Stardust bonus, players should have plenty of reason to stay excited for the next Community Day event. Community Day could wind up being the thing that saves Pokemon Go from totally alienating its fanbase in between major updates and upgrades.