Pokemon Go Flooded by Magikarp for Community Day

magikarp header
(Photo: Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go players are preparing to capture plenty of golden Magikarp for today's Community Day event. The monthly Community Day event in Pokemon Go is taking place today, with this month focusing on Magikarp, the canonically useless Water-type Pokemon that evolves into the powerful Gyarados. As part of today's event, any Gyarados evolved during the festivities will know the move Aqua Tail. Players will also benefit from a 3x Stardust bonus during the duration of the event.

As with past Community Days, the major focus of the event is the chance to capture one or more Shiny Magikarp. Shiny Magikarp was the first Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but this is the first time the gold-themed Pokemon has had a boosted Shiny rate. Players who evolve Shiny Magikarp will get a Red Gyarados identical to the one made famous in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Catching a Shiny Magikarp during the event should be pretty simple - players should expend an Incense if they have one available and head to an area with plenty of PokeStops (provided that one can safely social distance, of course.) Many of these areas will be loaded with lures designed to attract Pokemon, and players should be able to cycle through Magikarp until they spot a golden one. Remember that Pokemon do not appear as Shiny on the overworld map, so you'll need to tap one and go into catch mode to see if it's shiny or not.

Today's Community Day event runs from 11 AM to 5 PM local time and coincides with Pokemon Go's Enigma Week event, an event featuring Shiny Staryu and other strange Pokemon. The mythical Pokemon Deoxys will be available as a featured Raid Boss, and players can participate in that event through August 14th.