'Pokemon Go' Players Are Finding Hilarious Ways to Beat the New EX Raid Boss

Pokemon Go players are coming up with hilariously underpowered teams to fight the game's newest [...]

Pokemon Go players are coming up with hilariously underpowered teams to fight the game's newest Raid Boss.

Earlier this week, Pokemon Go added Deoxys's Attack Forme as the game's newest EX Raid Boss. EX Raids are special "exclusive" raids that are only open to players who earn invitations by beating raids at specific gym locations. Usually, EX Raids are intended as major challenges, pitting players against the game's most powerful Pokemon. However, Deoxys Attack Forme isn't posing much of a threat to players.

The issue is that Deoxys's Attack Forme has immensely unbalanced stats. While the Pokemon has the highest Attack stats of any Pokemon currently available in the game, it also has an extremely low Defense stat. In fact, only four Pokemon (Jigglypuff, Igglybuff, Whimsur, and Carvanha) have lower Defense stats than Deoxys Attack Forme. Pokemon Go didn't adjust Deoxys's stats before adding it to the game, so players are having a lot of fun beating up on it in EX Raids.

Because Attack Forme Deoxys has such low Defense stats, many players should be able to defeat it by themselves without too many issues. In fact, some players are seeing just how weak of a team they can use to defeat Deoxys by themselves. Over on The Silph Road, players are sharing videos of them beating Deoxys using only Sneasel, or using only Shiny Pokemon, or even using three Honchkrow:

Deoxys Attack Forme Solo’d by Sneasels from r/TheSilphRoad
Solo Deoxys with 6 unique shinys from r/TheSilphRoad
Deoxys solo with three honchkrows. Lobbied once. from r/TheSilphRoad

It's usually a major accomplishment to beat a high level Raid Boss, but Attack Forme Deoxys is so laughably weak that any high level player should be able to beat it if they have enough Pokemon with Dark-type attacks.

Players should have plenty of time to fight Attack Forme Deoxys, as it'll likely be Pokemon Go's main EX Raid Boss for at least a couple of months.