Pokemon Go Is Holding a Special Egg Event

Pokemon Go is holding another special mini-event. Yesterday evening, Pokemon Go announced that all [...]

Pokemon Go is holding another special mini-event.

Yesterday evening, Pokemon Go announced that all eggs collected between today and February 1st will contain a Pokemon from the Hoenn region. That means that any egg found during the event will contain a "Gen 3" Pokemon that's been added to the game over the last few months, including the new Rock and Ground-Type Pokemon that were added yesterday.

As part of the event, Pokemon Go also has special Super Incubators on sale, which will decrease the distance needed to hatch an egg by 67%. That means that a 10 KM egg will hatch after walking 3.33 KMs, which makes hatching a lot more efficient.

Because new Pokemon were just added yesterday, it's hard to make a definitive list of what Pokemon you can get from eggs during the event. However, here's the Pokemon we've confirmed come from eggs:

  • Aron (2 KM eggs)
  • Barboach (2 KM eggs)
  • Gulpin (2 KM eggs)
  • Luvdisc (2 KM eggs)
  • Poochyena (2 KM eggs)
  • Spoink (2 KM eggs)
  • Wailmer (2 KM eggs)
  • Whimsur (2 KM eggs)
  • Wurmple (2 KM eggs)
  • Zigzagoon (2 KM eggs)
  • Azurill (5 KM eggs)
  • Carvanha (5 KM eggs)
  • Corphish (5 KM eggs)
  • Duskull (5 KM eggs)
  • Lotad (5 KM eggs)
  • Makuhita (5 KM eggs)
  • Mudkip (5 KM eggs)
  • Nosepass (5 KM eggs)
  • Numel (5 KM eggs)
  • Seedot (5 KM eggs)
  • Shroomish (5 KM eggs)
  • Shuppet (5 KM eggs)
  • Skitty (5 KM eggs)
  • Snorunt (5 KM eggs)
  • Spheal (5 KM eggs)
  • Torchic (5 KM eggs)
  • Treecko (5 KM eggs)
  • Wynaut (5 KM eggs)
  • Feebas (10 KM eggs)
  • Ralts (10 KM eggs)
  • Slakoth (10 KM eggs)
  • Trapinch (10 KM eggs)

Please note that the list above isn't definitive. It's very possible that Pokemon like Cacnea, Baltoy, Lileep, and Anorith can be found in eggs...we just haven't seen them yet.

If you're looking to grab as many "Gen 3" Pokemon as you can for this event, your best strategy is to hatch all of your old eggs to clear out space. Since Pokemon Go determines what Pokemon from an egg when you collect it, you can simply grab the eggs now and hatch them after the event is over. You might also want to grab a couple of Super Incubators to help clear out your 10 KM eggs as quickly as possible.

The event lasts until February 1st, so get hatching!