Pokemon Go Hides Big "Gen 5" Pokemon Clue in Ultra Bonus Announcement

It looks like Pokemon Go will be getting a new generation of Pokemon in September. Last night, [...]

It looks like Pokemon Go will be getting a new generation of Pokemon in September. Last night, Pokemon Go detailed its upcoming Ultra Bonus Rewards, which will take place over a three week period starting in late August. Each week contains a different set of bonuses, ranging from increased spawns of Pokemon from the Johto region to regional-exclusive Pokemon spawning worldwide. The description for the third and final week of rewards seemed a bit more vague, but a closer look reveals a big clue about the addition of Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Black and White.

The description for the Week 3 of the Ultra Bonus event reads as follows: "Unusual Pokemon will be appearing in the wild this week. Noteworthy opponents are coming to raids, too. Over the course of the event, you may also be able to add some Pokemon to your Kanto Pokedex that previously eluded you in your part of the world. Venture out to take on challenges and make discoveries. As always, happy exploring, Trainers!"

Initially, this sounds like a very verbose way of saying that regional-exclusive Pokemon like Kangaskhan or Farfetch'd would be available worldwide. However, the odd wording of the description is deliberate. The first letter in each sentence of the Ultra Bonus description spells out "Unova," a reference to the region at the heart of Pokemon Black and White and its sequel games. The clue is a pretty big hint that the "Unusual Pokemon" and "Noteworthy Opponents" are "Gen 5" Pokemon, which would mark the first time in several months that Pokemon Go has added a significant batch of new Pokemon to the game.

This should be pretty exciting news to trainers, as new Pokemon means new challenges, new surprises, and even a shake-up to Pokemon relevant in gyms and raids. Pokemon Go promised more news on August 20th, so stay tuned for more details!