Pokemon Go Teases Genesect

Pokemon Go players could soon have the opportunity to capture another Mythical Pokemon. Earlier [...]

Pokemon Go players could soon have the opportunity to capture another Mythical Pokemon. Earlier today, Pokemon Go teased Genesect in a tweet, noting that something "Mythical" was coming to the game along with a picture of triangular footprints in mud. Genesect, a Bug/Steel-type Pokemon, has similarly shaped feet. No other details were provided, but it seems likely that an announcement of a Special Research event will be coming soon. ComicBook.com reported earlier this year that Genesect would likely be released as a Special Research reward due to the discovery of references to "A Drive to Investigate" research event. The name of the event is a reference to the drives that power the cannon on its back.

Genesect is an ancient Pokemon that was originally resurrected by Team Plasma in the present day. Team Plasma forcibly added a cannon to its back, which shoots out different rays based on the drive on its back. Pokemon Go added all five of Genesect's forms to the game, each of which has a variant charge move that depends on its drive. For instance, Genesect's Chill Drive form knows Ice Beam, while the Burn Drive version of Genesect knows Flamethrower.

The big question is whether Pokemon Go still plans to charge players for access to this Mythical Pokemon. The datamine discovered that players had to buy a ticket for access to the "A Drive to Investigate" event, which would make it the second time that Pokemon Go has had a paid Special Research event. We'll note that Pokemon Go later released Regigigas, the subject of the first paid Special Research event, to all players as an EX Raid Boss. While this still limited Regigigas's access, it at least made it hypothetically available to players.

Expect more information about Genesect and its arrival in Pokemon Go in the coming weeks. In the mean time, players can look forward to Abra's Community Day event this weekend.