'Pokemon Go' Might Have A Gym Badge Limit

Pokemon Go might have a limit on gym badges, which could result in some of your older gym badges being deleted from the game regardless of how much progress you've made on them.

Several posts made today on /r/TheSilphRoad, a Reddit community dedicated to Pokemon Go, have seemingly confirmed that players can only have 1,000 gym badges at a time. Once a player reaches the 1,000 gym badge limit, badges will randomly disappear from a player's game.

At this time, players are still figuring out whether the game simply removes older gym badges from a player's list but retains their XP and level information or if the game permanently deletes the badges, erasing all progress a player has made on them. If Pokemon Go just has a limit on how many gym badges show up on a player's gym badge list, this is largely a non-issue. However, if Pokemon Go is actually deleting gym badges, this could be a potentially major issue in need of fixing.

Players earn gym badges when visiting a gym for the first time. Players can level up those gym badges by spinning the gym's photo disc, battling at the gym, or leaving one of their Pokemon at the gym to defend it. Players can earn up to three extra items per spin depending on what level their gym is.

While 1,000 gym badges seems like a lot, it's not an implausible plateau for active players, especially those who live in big cities where gyms sit on every corner. Players who travel could also be affected by this alleged limit, as it discourages them from visiting new gyms if they're at risk of losing local gyms that they visit a lot more.


We'll have more on this latest Pokemon Go bug as it develops. In the meantime, players might want to count their gym badges and make sure they're not close to hitting that 1,000 gym badge milestone.