Pokemon Go Just Fixed One of Its New Gym System's Biggest Flaws

Pokemon Go just rolled out a new gym system, and like everything else Pokemon Go does, it's a bit buggy and flawed. While there was the usual complaints about buggy graphics, spoofers, and other problems, one of the loudest complaints was about how the new gym system distributed coins.

Players earn coins when their Pokemon defend gyms, which can then be used to buy in-game items. In the old system, players received a daily bonus of 10 coins (with a maximum of 100 coins) that could be redeemed by tapping a button in the game's shop.

Like everything else in the gym system, the new update dramatically changed how coins were given to players. Instead of tapping a button, players automatically received coins when their Pokemon are defeated by opposing teams and kicked out of gyms. For players who park Pokemon at low-traffic gyms, this potentially means that players could have to wait a while before they receive their coin reward.

However, what made most players mad was how many coins their Pokemon earned for time spent in a gym. Instead of an automatic 10 coin per day bonus, the new update instituted a new rate of 1 coin per every hour a Pokemon spent in a gym. If a Pokemon lasted less than an hour in a gym, that meant no coin bonus at all.

Players were upset about the change and Pokemon Go seems to have listened to the complaints. Earlier today (around the time that Kotaku published a scathing article about the coin complaints,) Pokemon Go boosted the coin rate from 1 coin per hour to 1 coin per ten minutes.

This is a pretty big game changer for Pokemon Go. If a player manages to keep 4 Pokemon in a gym for just over two hours, they'll receive their daily maximum of 50 coins.

What's more, players have also discovered that the coin rate seems to go up depending on what level your gym badge is. Players are still working out the details, but it seems that players can earn up to 10 coins per hour if they have a gold medal at the gym their Pokemon is defending.


There's still a lot of quirks and kinks to work out with the new update, but it seems that Pokemon Go is listening to its fanbase and quickly taking action when something needs to be fixed.

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