Players Worldwide Will Benefit from Pokemon Go Fest Rewards

Earlier this week, Pokemon Go sold all their tickets for the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest in less than a half an hour. Unfortunately, with only 12-20,000 expected to attend the event, millions of other Pokemon Go players were left to wonder if they'll be missing out on any exclusive Pokemon or rewards.

While there will be perks for attending the event, Pokemon Go has assured players that they'll still reap the benefits of Pokemon Go Fest even if they don't attend. The game tweeted out that players will still have access to "rewards" unlocked by Pokemon Go Fest attendees throughout the day.

An earlier tweet made by the game's social media account also hinted that players could still somehow participate in the festivities even if they couldn't attend.

We know that Pokemon Go Fest will involve some regional Pokemon temporarily spawning at the event, so maybe Pokemon Go will turn that into a worldwide event. Another possibility is that Pokemon Go Fest will unlock some sort of special Raid, as those will likely be featured heavily during the event.