Pokemon Go Sees Highest Single Day Player Spending Since 2016

Over the weekend, Pokemon Go Fest 2020 saw players spend a combined $17.5 million in the game over two days. According to figures from GamesIndustry.biz, $8.9 million of that total was spent on Saturday July 25th, making it the highest single day total for the game since July 29th, 2016, when the game brought in $13.3 million. Pokemon Go has brought in $539 million since the start of 2020, bringing the grand total for the game to nearly $3.7 billion in just over four years. That's a stunning figure for the mobile game, and it shows just how popular Pokemon Go remains after all this time!

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Pokemon Go Fest 2020 went all-digital this year, as opposed to the traditional in-person event that Niantic usually holds. Players could participate in the festivities by purchasing an in-game event ticket for $14.99. That money gave players the opportunity to participate in special raids, obtain new shiny Pokemon, and more. Reception to the event seemed fairly strong, with many participants expressing their hopes that Niantic will offer a similar digital event next year. Given the popularity of Go Fest 2020, it seems like a safe bet that Niantic might do just that!

Niantic has made a number of changes to Pokemon Go over the last few months to keep players engaged with the game, despite social distancing requirements. From the implementation of Remote Raids, to greater range for Pokemon Gyms, the developer has tinkered a lot with the game to keep fans invested. Considering that a large part of Pokemon Go's appeal has always come from the idea of finding Pokemon in the "real" world, it seems that the company has done a good job of finding new ways to keep fans playing.

It will be interesting to see how Pokemon Go continues to evolve over the years. The game's release in 2016 was a massive cultural event, with a number of players going overboard in their efforts to catch them all. While the hype surrounding the game has settled a bit since, Pokemon Go's revenues show that it will likely continue to thrive for quite some time.

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