Pokemon Go Players Discover Shocking Legendary Raid Secret

If you play Pokemon Go, chances are, you know the crushing feeling that comes from missing out on [...]

If you play Pokemon Go, chances are, you know the crushing feeling that comes from missing out on capturing a Legendary after a Raid Battle. It's a lot of work getting a good group together to take down a Legendary Pokemon, and that effort seems all for naught when you run out of Premier Balls to throw and that Mewtwo or Lugia escapes. However, a new study from the researchers over at The Silph Road might make things slightly easier on Pokemon Go players in the future. The team discovered that the odds of catching a Raid boss increase as more Premier Balls are used!

Following a Raid Battle, players can only Premier Balls that are awarded when trying to catch the Raid boss. The researchers at The Silph Road discovered that "you are more likely to catch the raid boss on the 10th throw of the encounter than the 1st." As the encounter continues, the Catch Multiplier increases to the point that it's more like the player is using an Ultra Ball than a Premier Ball. In the study, 36 researchers contributed, throwing more than 6,500 Premier Balls to compile the necessary data.

For some players, this could mean a big change to the way that they try to catch Legendary Pokemon! This won't change the way players use their Premier Balls, but it does add an increased layer of strategy. Golden Razz Berries help to increase the Catch Multiplier, and players with a limited supply might now choose to hold them until later throws, when they would be more effective. As The Silph Road points out, players might actually be inclined to use Pinap Berries at the start of an encounter, which double the amount of Candy received if used on a successful throw. As the encounter drags on, then it would be time to make the switch.

The Silph Road points out that there is additional research to be done. The team found it easier to track the multiplier for Legendary Pokemon, based on their low base catch rate. The team plans to see whether or not this will also be the case for Shadow Pokemon used by Team Go Rocket, which also must be obtained with Premier Balls. Either way, this is a fascinating discovery, and one many Pokemon Go players will want to read more into!

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