New Pokemon Looks Adorable Even When It Faints

The Pokemon franchise's newest Pokemon is making a positive impact on fans even when it falls in battle.

Earlier this year, The Pokemon Company introduced fans to Meltan, a new Mythical Pokemon that can only be caught in Pokemon Go. Meltan is a Steel-type Pokemon with a body made of liquid metal and a golden lugnut for a head. While some fans were initially put off by the Pokemon's design, it quickly won fans over with its adorable habits and its ability to evolve into the powerful Steel-type Pokemon Melmetal.

Now that Meltan is available in Pokemon Go and Pokemon: Let's Go, players are getting a firsthand look at just how adorable Meltan is. For example, Pokemon Go players have noticed that Meltan's liquid metal eye makes a small "x" when it gets knocked out in gym battles. You can check out a close-up of Meltan looking cute when it faints below:

Useless Info: Meltan's dot turns into an 'X' when it faints from r/TheSilphRoad

Meltan is the only Mythical or Legendary Pokemon that can be placed into Pokemon gyms, which is why you can see it faint in gyms.

Pokemon fans can obtain Meltan by one of two ways: they can complete an eight part Meltan Special Research quest, or they can obtain a Mystery Box by transferring a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon: Let's Go. The Mystery Box, when used in Pokemon Go, serves as a lure for Meltan, giving players a shot at capturing multiple Meltan in Pokemon Go.


Once players capture Meltan, they can transfer it to Pokemon: Let's Go so that they can use it in that game. Please note that Meltan can only evolve into Melmetal in Pokemon Go, so you'll need to keep at least one Meltan in your collection and then obtain 400 Meltan Candies to evolve it in the game.

Pokemon Go and Pokemon: Let's Go are both available now.