Pokemon Go Made Mewtwo a Lot Easier to Catch

A recent coding change to Pokemon Go has made Mewtwo a lot easier to catch....provided that you [...]

A recent coding change to Pokemon Go has made Mewtwo a lot easier to catch....provided that you get an EX Raid Pass.

Earlier this month, Pokemon Go re-scaled all of its 3D models to take into account certain oversized Pokemon like Kyogre and Wailord. As a result, some Pokemon now appear much closer in the catch screen, which means that they're a lot easier to catch.

Yesterday, players discovered that Mewtwo was one of the Pokemon affected by the recent code tweaks. While Mewtwo originally stood far away from the player on the catch screen, its now much closer to the screen. Anecdotally, Mewtwo appears to stand about the same distance as a Tyranitar on the catch screen.

A Redditor compared the old and new distances in a handy screenshot, which you can check out below:

Old vs New Mewtwo Distance from r/TheSilphRoad

Moving Mewtwo closer makes it even easier to catch. Mewtwo's base capture rate is 6%, which is twice that of the Legendary Birds and three times as high as Groudon or Kyogre. However, the change also renders all those "How to Catch Mewtwo" videos on YouTube obsolete...since they were all made using Mewtwo's old distance.

This is the second Legendary Pokemon affected by the recent changes, as Kyogre was also recently pushed closer to the trainer thanks to the recent code tweaks. Players had previously complained that Kyogre was too far back due to Pokemon Go trying to fit its enormous body on screen.

Of course, changing the distance only helps those players who actually get EX Raid Passes. Players still need to receive an invite to participate in an EX Raid, which has caused tons of discontentment with the fanbase. Many players see the EX Raid system as unfairly skewed towards players who spend money on the game, as invites are distributed to players who participate in raids frequently. EX Raids are a touchy subject among many Pokemon Go fans, especially as they see the system as easily exploitable by spoofers.

Mewtwo is currently available in Pokemon Go to any player who receives an EX Raid. Good luck catching this powerful Pokemon, trainers!