Pokemon Go Acknowledges Nest Migrations for the First Time

Shortly after Pokemon Go came out last year, players discovered that there were real world locations that would always spawn the same Pokemon species, often at a rate of several per hour. These Pokemon "nests" became hotspots for the game and became an easy way for players to amass candy or hunt down that perfect IV version of their favorite Pokemon.

Soon after the nests were discovered, Pokemon Go began "migrating" nests. While the real world locations would always remain the same, the species that spawned from them would change at a rate of about every two weeks...almost always on a Wednesday evening in the US.

Although this was a well-documented phenomenon within the game, Pokemon Go has never formally acknowledged either Pokemon nests or nest migrations...until now.

Shortly after the latest nest migration took place, Pokemon Go sent out a phone notification telling players to check their local parks. "Different Pokemon may be appearing in the parks around you," the notification reads. "It's a great time to explore your local parks!"

This is the first time that Pokemon Go has ever confirmed the existence of certain set spawn points, or that these spawn points occasionally produce different Pokemon. And while this might not seem like a big deal, it's an acknowledgment of sorts for all the players who have diligently researched nests and nest migrations for months.


Like the notification says, now is the perfect time for Pokemon Go players to get out to the park and see if any new Pokemon are appearing in their area for the first time.

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