Pokemon Go Gets Spooky for October Community Day

Pokemon Go has announced new details about its October Community Day, which will feature Duskull and its evolved forms. Earlier today, Pokemon Go provided players with details about its October Community Day, which will take place on Saturday, October 9th. The Community Day event will focus on Duskull, a Ghost-type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The event will feature the usual increased amount of Duskull spawns, as well as a boosted appearance of Duskull's Shiny form. Any Dusclops that is evolved into Dusknoir during the event will learn the Charged Attack Shadow Ball. 

Because Dusknoir requires the use of a Sinnoh Stone to evolve, Pokemon Go will provide Timed Research that can be completed during the event for a reward of 4 Sinnoh Stones. A bundle of 30 Ultra Balls will also be given out to players for free. 

The event's other bonuses include a 3x Stardust bonus, and increased durations for any Incense or Lure Modules activated during the event. A Paid Special Research story will also be available from the in-game store for $1.

While the Duskull seems like an obvious choice for an October Community Day, given its proximity to the traditional spooky season that is Halloween, players still seem a tad disappointed. Duskull already had a Shiny Pokemon available in Pokemon Go, and a Shadow Ball Dusknoir doesn't have any obvious advantages in either PvP or raid play. 

Pokemon Go is currently hosting the Season of Mischief, a three-month long period focused on the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa. Players can get an encounter with Hoopa now by completing a limited-time Special Research event. The game is also holding a Psychic Spectacular event (which features the debut of Inkay and its unusual evolution method) and will hold a Fashion Week event later this month. Based on the game's current load screen, upcoming events will also feature the debut of Phantump and Furfrou, two Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon Go's September Community Day will take place on September 19th and will feature Oshawott.