Pokemon Go Could Be Adding A Major New Feature in Next Update

Pokemon Go is getting an update this week and dataminers have already found some intriguing lines [...]

Pokemon Go is getting an update this week and dataminers have already found some intriguing lines of code hidden inside.

Earlier this afternoon, Niantic announced they were releasing an update for Pokemon Go. The official release notes state that the update brings some minor improvements, such as a way to search for Shiny Pokemon in the Pokemon screen and better in-game news notification.

However, dataminers have found some interesting bits of code in the new update that teases some big possibilities for the future of the game. The update has a dozen or so lines of code related to in-game "quests" or missions for the players to complete on a daily basis. The exact lines of code are below:


From what dataminers are saying on Twitter and Reddit, it looks like there will be multiple kinds of in-game quests in Pokemon Go. Some will be the standard in-game challenges (catch so many Pokemon, take over a gym) but others will involve story missions of some kind.

Niantic is also bringing back the long forgotten Professor Willow as the person running the quests. No word if this will actually lead to some sort of in-game story or details about Pokemon Go's team leaders, but this could be the more in-depth daily gameplay many players have wanted for months.

Rewards for the quests will include Stardust, items, and XP. Some quests will also have pre-conditions, such as players being a certain level or having a certain badge, before players can try to complete them. Some quests will have a single objective, while others will have multiple parts.

From what we understand, the new update has all the code needed to support quests, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Pokemon Go will add quests immediately once the new update goes live. After all, Niantic didn't mention quests in their update notes, so there's a slim possibility they could be holding this new feature back. It wouldn't be the first time that dataminers discovered code for new features that weren't immediately added to the game.

Hopefully, we'll get more information about these new quests soon. Could Pokemon Go finally be adding some sort of story based missions? Stay tuned to WWG for more updates about Pokemon Go's upcoming update.