Pokemon Go Opens Raids to More Players

Pokemon Go is opening up their new raid mechanic to more players. Earlier today, the popular mobile app announced that players that were Level 31 or higher could now participate in the beta version of Raid Battles.

Raids are a new feature in Pokemon Go in which a superpowered Pokemon temporarily takes over a gym. Players from all three teams work together to bring down the Pokemon and are rewarded with select items and a chance to catch a powered down version of the Raid Pokemon.

Raid Bosses range from powerful Dragonite and Gyarados to more common Pokemon like Magikarp. While players are encouraged to take on raids in groups, many players have reported being able to beat raids on their own.

In order to participate in Raids, players will need a Raid Pass. Players get one free Raid Pass per day by interacting with gyms, and they can purchase additional Passes via the in-game shop.

Raids are currently available only in select gyms, which could mean that many players that could participate in Raids won't actually find one to join.

Pokemon Go will open up raids to more players in the coming days, so expect to see more announcements soon.

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