Pokemon Go Announces New AR Feature, Wants Players to Record Video of PokeStops

Pokemon Go has announced a new augmented reality feature that will let players take even more realistic pictures of their Pokemon on their phone. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced that several phone devices will have a new "Reality Blending" feature that will let players incorporate real world objects into their Pokemon Go snapshots. With Reality Blending, players can have their Pokemon hide behind trees or bookshelves, making the photos look even more believable and giving the snapshots a "nature photo" type of feel. Initially, the Reality Blending will be released to random players with certain Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 3, and Google Pixel 4. More devices will be added in the future.

Pokemon Go has also requested that players assist in the mapping of PokeStops and gyms to help refine future AR features. Next month, Pokemon Go will add a PokeStop Scan feature that will let Level 40 players record videos of PokeStops and Gyms from as many angles as they can. These videos will be used to generate dynamic 3D models that will be used by Niantic in future projects. Earlier this year, Niantic announced that they had plans to map various landmarks for virtual tours and other features, so this seems to be an extension of that project.

In addition to the new AR features, Pokemon Go is also getting ready to launch a summer of Legendary Raids featuring the Mascot Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White. They also have new Community Days planned featuring Weedle and Gastly, and will also be continuing to shift their game's focus to comply with various social distancing measures. Next month, Pokemon Go will also add Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield into the game, including several Galarian variants and their evolutions.

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