Pokemon Go Adds Regice as Next Legendary Pokemon

Regice, a Legendary Ice-Type Pokemon, has officially appeared in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go developers added Regice as a new Legendary Raid Boss earlier today to mark the start of a "summer of earth-shattering events." Regice has a sturdy defensive stat, but can be easily beaten by a team of Machamp, Moltres, or Entei without too much issue.

Regice is the first of three Legendary Golems planned for this summer. Regice will appear in gym battles around the world until July 19th and will eventually be replaced by either Regirock or Registeel.

The Legendary Golems (or Legendary Titans) first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire as a secondary trio of Legendary Pokemon. The Pokemon all were sealed away in secret chambers by an ancient people, although players could find the chambers by reading some Braille messages and solving some puzzles in different locations in the Hoenn region.

Like other Legendary trios, the Legendary Golems all have a common "master" - the Mythical Pokemon Regigigas.

As a pure Ice-Type Pokemon, Regice is weak against Fire-Type, Steel-Type, Fighting-Type, and Rock-Type Pokemon. All three of the Legendary Titans are weak against Fighting-Type attacks, so it might be a good time to power up a few Machamp if you haven't already.

Unfortunately, Regice doesn't have much use in Pokemon Go's metagame. Its strong Defense stat is wasted as it can't be placed in gyms and it has terrible Attack and Stamina stats. So, while it'll be a good challenge for trainers in battle, it's just going to take up space in your Pokemon collection afterwards.


Today is a big day for Pokemon Go. Not only did developers add a new Legendary Pokemon, they also added trading and swapped two regional-exclusive Pokemon into new areas. We'll see if any new surprises are in store for players later today!