Pokemon Go May Be Adding Another Galar Pokemon

Pokemon Go might be adding another Galar Pokemon for Halloween this year. A datamine for the [...]

Pokemon Go might be adding another Galar Pokemon for Halloween this year. A datamine for the newest Pokemon Go update has revealed that developers recently added the code for Runerigus, a Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The Pokemon is an evolution of the Galarian Yamask, a Ghost-type Pokemon that possesses a haunted runestone. Although the non-Galar version of Yamask is currently available in Pokemon Go, it seems that the new variant will be added as part of the game's upcoming Halloween event. Per the datamine, the Halloween event will also include a costumed Sableye and the return of Darkrai (this time with its signature move Dark Void) as a Raid Boss.

In the main series Pokemon games, Runerigus is one of the trickier Pokemon to evolve. Players have to travel under the Stony Bridge in the Wild Area, but only while Yamask has taken 49 points or more of damage. The Pokemon is actually the cursed painting itself, which came to life after forcibly sucking in the spirit of a Yamask...which originally was a human spirit. We're guessing that the evolution method in Pokemon Go will be a standard Candy evolution, although it would be cool if players had to find a "haunted" PokeStop or a Team Rocket PokeStop to evolve the Pokemon. As Runerigus's Shadow Form was added in the most recent update, it's possible that the Galarian Yamask will only be available to capture from Team Rocket encounters.

Pokemon Go has added several new Pokemon in recent days, including three families of Dark-type Pokemon that can only be obtained by hatching a new kind of egg. Sandile, Vullaby, and Pawniard can only be hatched from Strange Eggs, which are only available as rewards for defeating Team Rocket Admins (or their boss Giovanni) while having an egg slot open.

We'll likely hear more news about Runerigus in the coming weeks.