Pokemon Go to Introduce Shadow Ho-Oh

A new Shadow Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go will introduce Shadow Ho-Oh as its newest [...]

A new Shadow Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go will introduce Shadow Ho-Oh as its newest Shadow Legendary Pokemon beginning on June 17th. Players can encounter the Legendary Shadow Pokemon by defeating Giovanni between June 17th and September 1st. To help players encounter Shadow Ho-Oh, Pokemon Go will also launch a new Special Research titled "A Seven-Colored Shadow" with a Super Rocket Radar as a reward. Players can complete the Special Research and then use the Super Rocket Radar to trigger a battle with Ho-Oh.

Ho-Oh is the first new Legendary Shadow Pokemon to be added to the game in nearly a year, following the addition of the Legendary Beasts Suicune, Entei, and Raikou back in 2020. Shadow Ho-Oh's low CP means that it will qualify for Go Battle League's Great League, but its unlikely to make much of an impact on that PvP league's metagame. Boosting it to a higher level to have it qualify for Ultra League and Master League won't do much good either, as Shadow Ho-Oh isn't viable in those formats either.

Still, Shadow Ho-Oh is intriguing in part because it implies that Shadow Lugia will also eventually be added to the game. Shadow Lugia has a unique design and color-scheme and was the mascot Pokemon of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, which was one of two previous games to use Shadow Pokemon. It's likely that Pokemon Go would add Shadow Lugia after Ho-Oh departs in September, which means that we could see a return of this very unique Pokemon to the Pokemon franchise.

Besides the addition of Shadow Ho-Oh, Pokemon Go also has a major slate of events planned for the month of June. The game is currently hosting a Slowpoke-themed event that adds Galarian Slowpoke, Galarian Slowbro, and Mega Slowbro to the game. This weekend will feature a Special Raid Weekend that syncs up with the end of the Slowpoke event. Afterwards, players can look forward to a Solstice-themed event and a mystery event rumored to focus on the Pokemon Bidoof. July will feature the return of Pokemon Go Fest, which will introduce several new Pokemon including the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta.