Pokemon Go Adds Tons of Shiny Pokemon to Servers

Pokemon Go developers have added assets for dozens of Shiny Pokemon to the network, including [...]

Pokemon Go developers have added assets for dozens of Shiny Pokemon to the network, including missing sprites for various "Gen 1" and "Gen 2" Pokemon.

The popular dataminer Chrales revealed that Pokemon Go had added 3D assets for almost every Pokemon in the game to their network earlier this weekend. Although the game's servers previously had numerous unused Shiny Pokemon assets (almost all of which were either Legendary Pokemon or "Gen 3" Pokemon), the developers added Shiny assets for older Pokemon.

You can check out all of Pokemon Go's Shiny Pokemon in the tweet below:

Shiny Pokemon have alternate coloration than their normal non-Shiny Counterpart and typically incredibly rare in Pokemon Go. The game's developers have added a few new Shiny Pokemon to the game every month, usually in conjunction with Community Day or other events.

The additions include regional Pokemon like Heracross and Tauros, common Pokemon like Pidgey or Weedle, and even a few "event" Pokemon like Delibird. Several unreleased Pokemon were also included in the additions like Kecleon and Gorebyss.

However, the new additions don't necessarily mean that Pokemon GO is getting ready to do a mass release of Shiny Pokemon. More likely, this was a calculated move meant to hide developers' plans and bring back a bit of surprise to the game. After all, dataminers like Chrales have figured out that if Pokemon Go adds a Shiny Pokemon to the servers, it'll likely appear in an upcoming event. By adding ALL of the Shiny Pokemon to the servers, it obfuscates plans for the game.

We do know at least one of the next Shiny Pokemon that will officially go live in Pokemon Go. Developers have previously confirmed that Shiny Wingull will appear around the world as part of Pokemon Go's third and final Global Challenge at the end of this month.