Pokemon Go Adds Shiny Regigigas, Shiny Bidoof in Upcoming Events

Pokemon Go has provided players with additional information about two upcoming events, including [...]

Pokemon Go has provided players with additional information about two upcoming events, including confirmation of a Bidoof Breakout event that sounds very meme-tastic. Earlier today, Pokemon Go provided updates on its upcoming Solstice Event and Bidoof Breakout event, both of which will feature the debut of new Shiny Pokemon to the game. The Solstice Event will bring back the Legendary Pokemon Regigigas as a 5-Star Raid Boss and will additionally add its Shiny variant to the game. Trainers around the world will also be able to encounter both Lunatone and Solrock in the wild. Usually, these Pokemon are each exclusive to one hemisphere. After the event, Solrock will be limited to the Western Hemisphere while Lunatone will be exclusive to the Eastern Hemisphere. The Solstice event will run from June 17th through June 20th.

The Bidoof Breakout event will start the following week on June 25th. That event will feature increased spawns of Bidoof and will mark the debut of Shiny Bidoof to the game. Notably, Bidoof captured during the event may know different moves than usual. Bidoof will known Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, or Ice Beam during the event, and these moves will remain accessible via use of an Elite Charged TM afterwards. Any Bidoof evolved during the event will become a Bibarel that knows Hyper Beam. What's more, the Bidoof Breakout event will feature an increasing Catch XP bonus. For the first two days of the event, players will earn twice as much XP when they captured a Pokemon, followed by a triple catch XP bonus and then a quadruple XP catch bonus. Pokemon Go also teased even more Bidoof-related plans that will start on June 28th. The full Bidoof Breakout event will run from June 25th through July 1st.

Both events are part of the Season of Discovery, a new three month in-game season featuring different Pokemon spawns. The Season of Discovery has had a slower start than other Seasons, but the events feel a lot more fleshed out and fun than the barrage of events earlier in the year. In July, Pokemon Go will host its annual Pokemon Go Fest event featuring the arrival of the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta.