Pokemon Go Confirms Two New Pokemon are Regional-Exclusive...With a Twist

Pokemon Go's upcoming wave of Pokemon will contain two new regional Pokemon.Earlier today, Pokemon [...]

Pokemon Go's upcoming wave of Pokemon will contain two new regional Pokemon.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced that it would be adding 23 new "Gen 3" Pokemon later today, all of which were Rock and Ground-Type Pokemon. Pokemon.com posted a brief article about the upcoming wave of Pokemon, and revealed that both Solrock and Lunatone will be regional-exclusive Pokemon.

Luckily, it seems like players won't have to travel very far to add both these regional-exclusive Pokemon to their collection. According to the website, both players can be found throughout the world, "but never in the same region at the same time."

That might seem confusing, but Pokemon Go did recently rotate regional Pokemon for the first time. Earlier this month, Pokemon Go switched where Seviper and Zangoose would spawn - with Zangoose appearing in Europe, Asia, and Australia and Seviper appearing in North America, South America, and Africa. Pokemon Go didn't announce why they made that switch, but it's possible that they were either testing the region rotating mechanic....or that we'll see more regional-exclusive Pokemon switch places every month.

What we don't know is how Pokemon Go will split the two Pokemon up. It's certainly possible that Solrock and Lunatone's territory will be split along the same lines as Zangoose and Seviper (and Plusle and Minun, who share the same regions), but it's also possible that Pokemon Go will find a different way to split the pair. Since Solrock and Lunatone are associated with the sun and moon, maybe they'll be split along the international date line or some other division.

Pokemon Go has made seven "Gen 3" Pokemon into regional-exclusive Pokemon, the most out of any generation of Pokemon. In addition to Zangoose, Seviper, Plusle, Minun, Solrock, and Lunatone, Relicanth can only be found in New Zealand and a handful of Pacific island nations.

There's at least two more "Gen 3" Pokemon that could be made into regional-exclusives. Volbeat and Illumise are another pair of Pokemon that could be easily split up and rotated without too much trouble.

We'll have more information about all the new surprises in this new wave of "Gen 3" when the Pokemon come out later today. Keep checking back to see what other surprises Pokemon Go has in store.