Pokemon Go Finally Increases Pokemon Storage

Pokemon Go players can finally purchase some additional storage space for their new Pokemon. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced that players can now store up to 2,500 Pokemon, an increase from the previous limit of 2,000 Pokemon. Players will still need to buy the increased storage from Pokemon Go's in-game store, at a rate of 200 PokeCoins to increase storage by 50 slots. Luckily, players can earn PokeCoins by placing their Pokemon in gyms, so they don't necessarily need to pay money for the extra space. Of course, players can also buy coins with real world money, so that's always an option if you don't want to wait weeks to collect enough coins to maximize your storage. It'll cost 2,000 PokeCoins to increase their storage from 2,000 to 2,500 - which will take 40 days to collect if a player is only collecting PokeCoins via gyms.

This marks the first time since November 2018 that Pokemon Go has increased its maximum cap of Pokemon. Interestingly, past storage increases have come on the heels of the rollout of new Pokemon, which doesn't seem to be the case this time around. While Pokemon Go did recently add Shadow Pokemon as part of its new Team Rocket Invasion, there's no hint that "Gen 5" Pokemon could be coming anytime soon.


The Storage increase's timing is a little unusual due to a strange tweet posted by the Pokemon Go account earlier today. The tweet simply said "soon" and was surrounded by both star emojis and black circle emojis. Players were speculating that it could be a continuation of the weekend's Team Rocket takeover or a hint that a new Pokemon like Darkrai could be added to the game shortly.