Pokemon Go Teases Arrival of Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Go's next season could take the game to an entirely different dimension. Earlier today, Pokemon Go released a cryptic video showing the Ultra Beast Nihilego as well as a member of the Ultra Recon Squad, a group that serves as a sort of antagonist in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It's unclear whether the Ultra Recon Squad will also make an appearance in Pokemon Go, or if the game will just make avatar items available based on their costumes. You can check out the video below: 

No other details were provided about the Ultra Beasts, but it stands to reason that they and the Legendary Pokemon Necrozma would be the focus of Pokemon Go's next three month narrative season, which starts in just one week. Ultra Beasts are an equivalent to Legendary Pokemon from another dimension and notably have a residual energy to them that boosts their stats in the main series games. Ultra Beasts also can't be caught easily using normal Poke Balls, which could lead to the introduction of Beast Balls in Pokemon Go depending on how the Pokemon are introduced. For the purposes of Pokemon Go, players should at least expect Ultra Beasts to be 5-Star Raid Bosses if no new mechanics or gimmicks are added in the coming weeks.

Necrozma, meanwhile, is a Legendary Pokemon that also originates from Ultra Space but isn't considered to be an Ultra Beast. Within the narrative of the Pokemon games, Necrozma notably "stole the light" from another dimension and came to the main Pokemon world, where it then merged with either Solgaleo or Lunala depending on the Pokemon game players used. Neither Solgaleo or Necrozma have made their appearances in Pokemon Go, but this summer might be a good time for them to make an appearance.