Pokemon Legends: Arceus Contains the Ultimate Fan Easter Egg

Pokemon Legends: Arceus's English localization team deserves a raise solely due to its acknowledgement of a popular Pokemon meme. Pokemon Legends: Arceus embraces both Pokemon lore and the Pokemon community like never before. Not only does the game feature multiple quality-of-life features that fans have wanted for years, it also ties together Pokemon lores and features countless nods to past games. The new Pokemon game also contains more than a handful of easter eggs for players, including a delightful reference that to a meme that dates back to early discussions of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. 

Early in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, players are tasked with clearing a potential camp site in the Obsidian Fieldlands from a dangerous Alpha Pokemon, a larger-than-normal Pokemon with the ability to self-buff and access to special moves that can't typically be learned in the wild. While players can encounter Alpha Pokemon before this point due to the open-world nature of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, this encounter marks the first time the story requires you to battle an Alpha Pokemon. In a nod to the original Sinnoh games, players will have to fight an Alpha Kricketune. As players prepare to battle, the game shows a dialogue box of Kricketune roaring. Surprisingly, the dialogue caption reads "De-le-le-woooooooooooooop!" 

This is an amazing reference to Kricketune's popularity on the Internet, which is solely due to its melodic cry. For years, Pokemon fans have referenced Kricketune's "Delelewoooooooop" cry in memes, to the point that the Pokemon has its own page on Know Your Meme. To see Kricketune's cry (and more importantly, the meme of that cry) immortalized in a Pokemon game shows that the localization team behind Pokemon Legends: Arceus are true fans as well. 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus players shouldn't have too much of an issue defeating Kricketune. While the Pokemon is an Alpha, players can use a Pokemon with Fire-type, Rock-type, or Flying-type moves to dispatch the Alpha Pokemon for good.  Luckily, the surrounding area has plenty of Geodude and Starly available to capture if you need to bulk up your team. 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available for the Nintendo Switch now.