Pokemon Legends: Arceus Target Bonus Revealed

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will release on Nintendo Switch in a few short days, and fans that haven't found a place to purchase the game just yet might want to consider Target! The retailer's flier this week has revealed a free art portfolio item that will be included with physical copies of the game. Unfortunately, the item is exclusive to those that purchase the game in-store (no online orders), and quantities will be limited. At the end of the day, the extra won't be a deal-breaker for most fans, but it's still a pretty neat extra. 

An image from the flier was shared on Twitter by @Wario64, and can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

There is a lot of anticipation ahead of Pokemon Legends: Arceus' release! The game will offer some major deviations from the classic Pokemon formula, most notably Pokemon battles that will take place seamlessly in the game's overworld; Pokemon can also directly attack trainers! The game takes places long before the events in previous games. Set in the Hisui region (the original name of Sinnoh from Diamond and Pearl), the game looks like it will reveal a number of new details about how the Pokemon world came to be. In addition to featuring Pokemon found in the Sinnoh region, the game will also include new Hisuian forms, including Growlithe and Braviary.

It remains to be seen how the Pokemon fanbase will react to the changes Pokemon Legends: Arceus will bring, or if these changes will become a permanent part of the main series. It certainly looks like this could be a big leap forward from the days of Pokemon Red and Green! Hopefully, these changes will prove to be for the better, but fans won't have to wait much longer to find out for themselves. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on January 28th. In the meantime, readers can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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