Pokemon Reveals Better Look at New Mythical Pokemon

The Japanese magazine CoroCoro has provided Pokemon fans with a tantalizing new teaser of the next Mythical Pokemon. Later this month, the Pokemon Company will reveal their next Mythical Pokemon, which will appear in the next Pokemon movie. However, CoroCoro is providing fans with a "first look" at the Pokemon by showing off its silhouette in its next issue. The website PokeBeach got their hands on the magazine early and posted a full picture of the silhouette. Today's reveal follows the partial reveal of the new Pokemon via a CoroCoro livestream yesterday.

The new Pokemon appears to be bestial in form, with two long arms, a tail and some interesting feet with what look to be opposable thumbs. To be honest, it looks like this Mythical Pokemon is inspired from a monkey of some kind. Since Coco is a "jungle child" in the spirit of Tarzan and sports a similar hairstyle and arm coverings, we wouldn't be surprised if this Pokemon somehow raised Coco in the movie.

You can check out the full silhouette of the new Pokemon below.

We'll get even more details about this mystery Pokemon, including its name, typing, and possibly its special abilities or moves, on February 27th as part of today's Pokemon Day festivities. The Pokemon should then be distributed to fans in the summer and fall of this year to use in Pokemon Sword and Shield.


Let us know what you think of the new Pokemon below, and be sure to stay tuned for more coverage of this mystery Pokemon in the weeks ahead.