Buy Custom-Made Pokemon Polo Shirts With Adorable Emblems

Original Stitch has released a new line of custom-made Pokemon shirts. Last week, Original Stitch [...]

Original Stitch has released a new line of custom-made Pokemon shirts. Last week, Original Stitch announced a new collaboration with the Pokemon Company, which lets fans design polo shirts with Pokemon flair. Customers can choose between six different shirt colors, three different styles of Poke Ball buttons (or standard buttons) and embroidery of one of the original 151 Pokemon. Fans can also choose to give their shirt a chest pocket made of specially designed fabric inspired by one of the original Pokemon. Prices for the polo shirts (which come in both short sleeve and long sleeve) range from $85 to $104 depending on what options a fan chooses. The embroidery is absolutely stunning to look at, giving a retro-pixelated vibe while also being subtle enough to wear at the golf course or in the workplace without any issue.

These are the second style of custom-made Pokemon shirts that Original Stitch has released. The shirt company also released a highly anticipated series of high-end dress shirts made from fabric featuring all 151 different Pokemon. The fabric styles ranged from subtle to ostentatious, allowing for tons of different customization options depending on your fashion sense. Those shirts came in three different cuts, including a Hawaiian-shirt style and two more formal styles of button down dress shirts. Original Stitch currently has fabrics based on the Pokemon seen in the original Pokemon games and the Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

This is one of the more innovative crossovers the Pokemon Company has, and is a great way to subtly show off your fandom while also maintaining a professional air. You can check out their selection of shirts on their website. If the shirts are successful, we'll likely see more options featuring more Pokemon in the future.

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