These Peeled Pokemon Designs are Horrifying

Since the earliest days of the franchise, Pokemon fans have been sharing their own personal takes [...]

Since the earliest days of the franchise, Pokemon fans have been sharing their own personal takes on the creatures, but peeled Pokemon just might be the most disturbing versions ever! The account @peeled_pokemon on Twitter has been running through every Pokemon from the franchise, with a number of details removed using Paint Tool Sai 2. According to Kotaku, the designs started out as a joke between friends, but the account quickly blew up on the social media platform; @peeled_pokemon began Tweeting in January 2020 and has more than 66,000 followers as of this writing. Clearly, the designs have struck a chord with a lot of Pokemon fans!

At this point, the account has now shared images of the first 452 Pokemon with details removed. That puts them in Gen IV territory, which seems quite fitting, considering all the recent Pokemon Diamond and Pearl news! The peeled Pokemon designs are all being posted according to their official Pokedex order, so most diehard fans won't have too much difficulty identifying them (the numbers are included in each Tweet, but names are not). However, for casual fans, some can be a bit easier to identify than others! An example from the @peeled_pokemon account can be found embedded below.

It's interesting to see how fans have reacted to these posts, and just how much the account has taken off over the last year. It's a testament to the franchise's popularity, and it also shows the various ways that Pokemon continues to inspire creativity among fans. Over the last 25 years, Pokemon fans have found a lot of creative outlets through the franchise, and these peeled Pokemon designs are no exception. It's unclear whether or not the person running the account will eventually offer peeled versions of every Pokemon in the franchise, but as the account's creator nears the halfway point, it seems like a distinct possibility!

Those interested in finding more of the artist's work can find it at the @peeled_pokemon Twitter account. The artist also has a Ko-fi account, which can be found right here.

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