New Pokemon Piano Collection Featuring Multiple Covers Now Available

If you love remixed gaming tunes, then there are two new piano collections releasing today that [...]

pokemon piano

If you love remixed gaming tunes, then there are two new piano collections releasing today that you're going to love. This morning Materia Collective revealed in a press release (via GoNintendo) that arranger and pianist Trevor Gomes has put together a 38 track collection featuring all of the tracks you know and love from the classic Pokemon games on Game Boy.

Like the Game Boy releases, these piano collections will launch with multiple cover variants, each featuring a unique starter Pokemon. In our image above we featured the classic Blue and Red covers, showing Blastoise and Charizard respectively, but there are also coveres for Pikachu and Bulbasaur as well. The albums can be enjoyed in their entirety, and purchased right here through Bandcamp.

"With 38 tracks covering almost all of the music from the game and spanning over 100 minutes of classic Pokémon music that is beautiful and lively," the press release notes, "fans will relive all of their favorite moments from the original Pokémon games."

"There are piano albums like this for many games, but the vision that drove this one was unique: it's comprehensive and narrative-driven, spanning the entire soundtrack of the game in chronological order to tell the entire story that millions have loved since 1996," notes Trevor Alan Gomes. "Together with an amazing team, I've had the joy of taking the simple, charming 8-bit music of Pokémon Red and Blue and turning it into lush, expansive piano arrangements."

I went through the tracks myself, and can confirm that they are freaking delightful. Perhaps my favorite track on the album is the arrangement for Lavender Town. It's always been a haunting tune, Trevor's performance is quite beautiful, and it makes for the perfect background music. Check it out and let us know what you think!