Pokemon Presents Announced for Next Week

The Pokemon Company will reveal tons of new information about its upcoming Pokemon games next [...]

The Pokemon Company will reveal tons of new information about its upcoming Pokemon games next week. The Pokemon Company announced that it would air a 28-minute Pokemon Direct next week focused on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Pokemon Shining Pearl, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This will be the first major look at the new Pokemon games since February and should highlight some of the new features and mechanics fans can expect in the upcoming Pokemon games. The Pokemon Direct will air at 9 AM ET on Wednesday August 18th on Pokemon's YouTube channel.

The next batch of Pokemon games are both unique in their own way. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl are the long-awaited remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. However, unlike previous remakes that used the "modern" aesthetics of the other games in the generation, the new Pokemon games will use a chibi-like art style for the overworld map but a modern battle screen. The Gen 4 remakes are also the first main series Pokemon games not to be developed by Game Freak - instead, ILCA is developing the game with Yuichi Ueda and longtime Pokemon director Junichi Masuda serving as co-directors.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the first "open world" style Pokemon game. Instead of the game switching between an overworld map and a battle screen, players will battle wild Pokemon in real time. Pokemon Legends is set in the Sinnoh Region but takes place in the distant past and will focus on players building the region's first Pokedex. A lot of details about Pokemon Legends is still under wraps (such as whether players can trade Pokemon with friends, how trainer battles will work, and whether the game will use any mechanics such as Z-Moves, Dynamaxing, or Mega Evolutions) so the Pokemon Presents should answer a lot of burning questions on the minds of many players.

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